About Lawrence

Lawrence Sutin was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 12, 1951. His parents, Jack and Rochelle Sutin, were Holocaust survivors who fought as Jewish partisans in Poland during World War Two. He graduated from St. Louis Park High School in Minnesota and then earned an undergraduate degree in psychology and English from the University of Michigan and a law degree from Harvard University. Since 1984 he has been a full-time writer and teacher, publishing books in multiple genres including biography, memoir, history, and novel (see Books). He is also currently working in the field of text-and-collage erasure books (see Erasure). Before he retired, he was a professor in the Creative Writing and Liberal Studies Programs of Hamline University and taught in the low-residency program of the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

He has been married to Mab Nulty, a psychologist, since 1990. He has three children, Ceallaigh Smart (stepdaughter), Brennan Vance (stepson), and Sarah Santosa (daughter). He also has a rescue border collie, Fintan. He tries to lead a quiet life devoted to writing, family, friends, reading and listening to music. It doesn’t always work out quietly but he does the best he can.


See Double Press

Lawrence and his family created See Double Press, an independent press dedicated to innovative interfusing of text and image. Their goal is to publish beautiful, compelling and challenging books that might not otherwise see the light of day.